laptopThere’s no doubting the fact that technology has had a huge impact on the way we do business. From speeding up processes to opening up access to markets that would previously have been beyond the reach of most small businesses, technology has truly revolutionised the business world. Here are five ways technology can help improve your business.

1. Speed up business processes

Technology can help to streamline business processes and improve the speed at which day-to-day tasks can be completed. For example, many businesses now use cloud accounting platforms to simply and securely manage invoices, track expenses and record other billed tasks, thereby saving a lot of time and making it easier to access critical business information from any device.

Another example is retail giant Amazon’s fulfilment centre management system, which knows the location of every item in the warehouse and is capable of working out the shortest distance for picking each order. It is thanks to such technology that Amazon holds the record for the fastest UK delivery, which took just 14 minutes and 8 seconds.

2. Enhance your marketing and reach more customers

Technology has had a huge impact on the world of marketing and makes it easier than ever before in history to reach your target audience. By having a strong online presence and utilising digital marketing channels like social media, email and PPC advertising, it is possible to quickly and cost-effectively reach a huge number of people who are interested in your products and services. In addition, technology makes it easy to access and track detailed information about your campaigns, thereby providing a great opportunity to continuously improve and identify new opportunities.

3. Improve communication

Technology can be used to make it easier for key stakeholders to communicate with each other and encourage greater collaboration amongst staff. As an example, many businesses now use Unified Communications (UC) platforms to bring together enterprise communication services into one easy-to-use system that can be accessed at any time and from any device.

4. Strengthen your customer service

One aspect of technology that is often overlooked is how it can help you to offer better service to your customers. As an example, technology might be used in a call centre to make it easier for call handlers to access customer information and therefore decrease the amount of time a customer needs to spend on the phone. Another example would be utilising social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to answer customer queries or respond to feedback.

5. Create a better working environment

By using technologies to streamline processes and improve communication, you can create a better working environment for your staff and make it easier for people to manage their workload. As well as increasing productivity, this can help you to boost staff loyalty and decrease the likelihood of people wanting to leave because of stress. You’ll become a more attractive place to work, which in turn will also help you attract top talent.


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