Marta - Brazil vs England

Brazil vs England – Social media influencers and football

Alex Fenton (UK)University of Salford Guilherme Guimarães (Brazil)Ativa Esporte Christian Munaier  (Brazil)Universidade de São Paulo Wasim Ahmed (UK)Newcastle University Introduction In our earlier white paper, Esports and Fan Engagement: Brazil vs England, we highlighted the  growth of esports and compared and contrasted this growing phenomenon in these countries. In this Read more…

HINGE - Digital transformation model

Digital transformation research

In the last few years, I’ve been given the opportunity to work on some incredible digital transformation research projects at Salford University. Digital transformation is a hot topic currently and we are running more and more training courses, projects and research alongside our related BSc degrees, Masters and PhD’s. This article outlines how organisations can take advantage of working with a University to take advantage of digital transformation research through practical projects. (more…)