Football on pitch

Did Blackburn Rovers fans send a digital flare to India via Man Utd?

The recent fan boycott of the FA cup game between Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool was labelled by the Independent as the most important fan protest in years. Blackburn owners, Indian poultry firm VH Group (Venky’s) purchased the club when it was a well-run Premier League club in 2010.  Initially, Venky’s were looking to purchase a […]

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Digital Marketing

International digital marketing strategies

A couple of years ago, I was asked to put a talk together on ‘Websites for International Audiences’. The slides on Slideshare (below) have had over 5000 views so I thought it may be time to pick this up again. Since then, I’ve been conducting some research into what engages international audiences online. This is […]

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Being sociable on social media

Being sociable on social media – Netnography and social capital Conference talks

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the fortune to be able to present some of my Netnography PhD work at a number of great conferences and events. I started off with a talk at the Football Collective Conference at FC United’s ground on 30/11/16. The talk was entitled: Building international relationships through social media […]

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Graph showing Salfords international fans

Social Media, Digital tech and football in the modern age

As part of my research into football and digital culture, through articles,blogs, comments online and interviews, these various phrases arose to describe lesser connected football fans: bandwagon jumpers, plastic fans, armchair supporters, glory hunters, not a real fan, fair weather fans, flaneurs, part-timers, light attenders, casuals, followers and many others that I am sure you have heard before. […]

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A graphic about SNA and netnography produced using Gephi with overlaid Tweets

Social media analysis tools and analysis

This article explores social media analysis tools using the wealth of social media data of people’s interactions online for both academic and market researchers. This post comes from my PhD research on Netnography and Salford City FC and forms part of a recent contribution to our new book Digital Marketing: A Results Driven Approach. This post […]

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Social capital, brand and football: tales from the digital field

This research focuses on a new era for Salford City Football Club (SCFC). In the 2014/15 season, when SCFC were in the 8th tier of English football, they were taken over by ex-Manchester United players the Class of 92. The new era heralds an unusual case of a non-league football team having such high profile owners […]

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The future of digital fitness for well-being and engagement

The digital fitness sector is growing. The market for apps is expected to grow 10 times from  $2.4 billion in 2013 to £26 billion by 2017 and this is just the start. All the major manufacturers of hardware and software such as Intel and Apple and some of the major social media platforms like Facebook […]

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Football clubs and brands in the digital age

I’ve been reading a number of papers about football brands, digital and social capital recently. A great study I hadn’t previously seen is called Football Supporters and Football Team Brands: A study in consumer brand loyalty (Richardson and O’Dwyer, 2003). This focuses on Irish football fan support for English football clubs. It’s a topic that […]

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Football & Digital Marketing – PhD research

This article is about my PhD research study in progress, which is about Football, Digital Media and Salford FC. I am a lecturer in Digital Business at the University of Salford where I am part of the Centre for Digital Business in the Business School. In March 2014, The Class of ‘92 purchased Salford City Football Club (SCFC) […]

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