Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Introduction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency which has gained popularity since it started in 2009. It is owned and controlled by it users, peer to peer and has no central control like traditional currencies. It uses a technology called Blockchain, which is a list of encrypted digital blocks linked together in […]

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eSports competition

ESports and fan engagement (Part 3 of 5)

In part 3 of this blog post series about digital sport and fan engagement, we turn our attentions to the growing field of eSports. Playing video games competitively has been around since the first games were released. The rise of competitive video gaming In 1980, Atari held a Space Invaders competition which was entered by over […]

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Virtual Reality and Fan Engagement (Part 2 of 5)

Digital technology is developing at an incredible rate and its impact on sports fans over the last decade has been nothing short of spectacular. In part 2 of this blog post series of digital sport & fan engagement, we turn our attentions to virtual reality (VR). VR relies upon immersing people into a simulated world. […]

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Dr Alex Fenton, Digital Sport and fan engagement keynote

Digital Sport and fan engagement

Digital sport for fan engagement is a growth area as sports clubs and players seek to use new technologies to build their brands and reach new audiences. The business of sport is huge. To give some idea of the scale of sport, in 2018, Forbes released a table of the top 50 sports clubs in […]

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Second life building helipcopter

The Second Life of the Amateur – User generated content and Web 2.0

This is an essay I wrote in 2009 on the Media & Cultural Theory module of MA Creative Technology. I was digging around for it and found it in the Internet Archive Way Back Machine and thought it was worth republishing here. If you have any thoughts on this, drop me a line. Table of contents […]

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HINGE - Digital transformation model

Digital transformation research

In the last few years, I’ve been given the opportunity to work on some incredible digital transformation research projects at Salford University. Digital transformation is a hot topic currently and we are running more and more training courses, projects and research. This article outlines how organisations can take advantage of working with a University to […]

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Salford FC on Twitter

Is the final whistle approaching for football and social media?

My PhD is all about football and social media and there has been some bad press for social media recently. This article explores some of the issues related to football and asks the question if full time is approaching for football and social media. It is based on an original article on sports and social […]

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Sports brands and social media

I was recently asked for my views on sports brands and social media. This crosses over into my PhD on this subject, so I thought it would be worth wrapping these thoughts into a blog post about social media and brands and what might lie in store for the future. The value of social media […]

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Football on pitch

Did Blackburn Rovers fans send a digital flare to India via Man Utd?

The recent fan boycott of the FA cup game between Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool was labelled by the Independent as the most important fan protest in years. Blackburn owners, Indian poultry firm VH Group (Venky’s) purchased the club when it was a well-run Premier League club in 2010.  Initially, Venky’s were looking to purchase a […]

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Digital Marketing

International digital marketing strategies

A couple of years ago, I was asked to put a talk together on ‘Websites for International Audiences’. The slides on Slideshare (below) have had over 5000 views so I thought it may be time to pick this up again. Since then, I’ve been conducting some research into what engages international audiences online. This is […]

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