Scottish Highlands – Camping on the high road

I’ve been a big fan of the West coast of Scotland since going up there as a kid and staying in a place with a boat on Loch Shiel. There was nothing much to do other than drive for days out around the beautiful and remote roads and villages. Taking in breath taking views of […]

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HINGE - Digital transformation model

Digital transformation research

In the last few years, I’ve been given the opportunity to work on some incredible digital transformation research projects at Salford University. Digital transformation is a hot topic currently and we are running more and more training courses, projects and research. This article outlines how organisations can take advantage of working with a University to […]

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Model showing internet users, fans and social capital

The field behind the screen: Social capital and the social media communications of a football club brand

I registered for a PhD at Salford University in October 2014 and on Tuesday 06 February 2018, I had my final PhD Viva. This involves two external examiners reading the full thesis and then asking me lots of questions on it. Pleased to say that I successfully defended it. I officially became Dr. Alex on […]

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Salford FC on Twitter

Is the final whistle approaching for football and social media?

My PhD is all about football and social media and there has been some bad press for social media recently. This article explores some of the issues related to football and asks the question if full time is approaching for football and social media. It is based on an original article on sports and social […]

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Holland windmill

Campervan trip around Belgium, Holland and Germany

Our camper van trip to Belgium was a long time in the making. We first hatched the plan several years ago but then, various things conspired to get in the way of our much-discussed voyage. However, in 2017, the stars finally aligned and we started to plan our trip. Massive credit here has to be […]

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Vangollen festival - traders in a camper

Vangollen Festival 2017 – VW Vans,Music,Extreme Sports and Hot Air Balloons!

When we heard about the first Vangollen festival at the Royal International Pavilion in Llangollen, we were excited. We’d been camping in that area before and had seen a very impressive hot air balloon festival on the site. So the idea of vans, bands, extreme sports and balloons sounded like an excellent idea. We picked […]

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Sports brands and social media

I was recently asked for my views on sports brands and social media. This crosses over into my PhD on this subject, so I thought it would be worth wrapping these thoughts into a blog post about social media and brands and what might lie in store for the future. The value of social media […]

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Alex Fenton and Marta Rodriquez, Big Chip Awards

A Day in the Life of a Salford Uni Academic

As part of the University of Salford’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, staff and students are being asked to capture their thoughts and activities from a particular day in their life at Salford Uni. My day was 03 Feb 2017, so here are a few thoughts about what happened on that day. The day started with a […]

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Football on pitch

Did Blackburn Rovers fans send a digital flare to India via Man Utd?

The recent fan boycott of the FA cup game between Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool was labelled by the Independent as the most important fan protest in years. Blackburn owners, Indian poultry firm VH Group (Venky’s) purchased the club when it was a well-run Premier League club in 2010.  Initially, Venky’s were looking to purchase a […]

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Digital Marketing

International digital marketing strategies

A couple of years ago, I was asked to put a talk together on ‘Websites for International Audiences’. The slides on Slideshare (below) have had over 5000 views so I thought it may be time to pick this up again. Since then, I’ve been conducting some research into what engages international audiences online. This is […]

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