Industry 4.0 and other industry revolutionsEvents in the Western World are increasingly adopting digital technologies to engage, connect and understand audiences. They are using social media, apps, wearable technologies and more in order to enhance the physical experience of being at an event and to allow organisers and participants to communicate before during and after an event. The data from an event can be visualised and used to gain further insight to improve and market future events. In the age of fast Internet, social media, smartphones and the Internet of Things, the suffix “4.0” is being used to describe a fourth industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0 . 4.0 is being used in other areas to describe the impact of these connected systems such as digital 4.0.

Our current research seeks to investigate how these technologies impact on events to ask the question, how can we define events 4.0 and what role connected technology plays in digitally mature events? Our ongoing research will investigate the impact of technology on events. If you are over 18 years old and would like to contribute to this research, please contact Dr. Alex Fenton or one of the research team.  All information and quotes are used anonymously and results will be published on this website.

Dr. Alex Fenton (Salford University)
Dr. Gerard Ryan (Bucks New University)
Dr. Wasim Ahmed (Northumbria University)


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