At Chester Business School, we are researching, designing and developing applications of new technology including Virtual Reality (VR). This page outlines a scenario which can be used with or without headsets, in the classroom or outside of it. VR has a positive educational value in and out of the classroom. It cannot replace real-life educators, but when teachers merge VR systems with traditional teaching methods, this hybrid approach has the potential to transform the world of education as we know it. 

The scenario is a role play case study of a large organisation called Digiscan. Post pandemic, they are experiencing increasing challenges with physical and mental wellness of their staff and increased absence. This is set against a challenging financial environment, so whilst the case has obvious HR applications, it can be used by anyone.

Digiscan have a website containing wellbeing information signposting their services, but staff are not really looking at it. The HR department are interested in using new technologies such as VR, apps and wearables to create a more interactive service for staff. There is a new app that’s been developed called Cheshire Sorted designed to build virtual and physical community around staff wellbeing and to help support staff. How could this be applied and developed as part of the solution to improve staff wellbeing at Digiscan? 

Learning outcomes: 

  1. Understand what current HR challenges are with regard to staff physical and mental wellness post pandemic 
  2. Explore the potential for interactive digital solutions to these challenges 
  3. Create a design for a new solution 

The session

Suggested – 2 hour face to face workshop

Scenario 1  (Boardroom) 

Digiscan MD introduces the scenario covering some of the current HR challenges with physical and mental wellness and staff absence. Head of finance also intervenes with some of the latest figures which highlight the challenge is greater than expected. 

Students can put on their VR headsets now. Open the YouTube 360 app and search for Cheshire Sorted to view Scenario 1 (as below).

Workshop 1

  • Brainstorm, desktop research in groups looking at what the current challenges are.  
  • Use Lego Serious play – build lego model to represent current HR challenges for wellbeing 
  • Present back to the group

 Scenario 2 (  

Digiscan Chief Technology Officer (CTO) discusses potential for interactive solutions to staff wellbeing challenges including Cheshire Sorted. 

Students can put on their VR headsets again. Open up the App called Spatial. Find the room called Digiscan CTO. The Digiscan CTO will present some potential solutions in this VR space.

Workshop 2 

Download the Cheshire Sorted app and do further desktop research on potential solutions from apps to other initiatives – what is the role of Artificial Intelligence or other technologies?
Create a poster with your potential solutions.  

Scenario 3 

Digiscan employees discuss the financial implications and potential solutions


Pick one problem and one solution – design a poster outlining the two and include references / stats/ evidence where possible. Use a big sheet of paper or an infographic (see  

Posters need digitising and uploading to Spatial.IO room in VR 


We hope you enjoyed this scenario. We would like to improve and create new VR scenarios in the future, please let us know what you liked about the scenario and what you would improve.



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